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Why Fairpeople

Founded by BI executives

Strategy and BI implementation

FairPeople set the best
team for your business

We are founded by senior BI Executives and have a unique hand on approach to BI strategy as well as implementation. We are an international organisation with headquarter  in Denmark and a test and certifications center in Czech Republic. Our strategy consultants and project managers are primarily danish and our developers come from alle over europe.

Using european developers for BI implementations gives us a huge advantage compared to a pure local approach. First of all we have a much larger recruitment base which greatly increase the quality of implementations consultants that we can attract. Secondly the the average price for european developers a roughly 75% of the comparable scandinavian developers.

Customer Loyalty

Grow customer loyalty with personal promotion

Talents for data driven organisations

FairPeople is a dedicated Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics company providing elite talents for data driven organisations.

Local presence - top global talent

We offer a combination of Danish senior BI Business Consultants and Project Managers together with top 5% BI and advanced analytics talents across Europe.

Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and strategy

We are founded by senior BI executives. We work in the intersection of strategy, Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Unique delivery organisation

Our headquarter is in Denmark and our test- and recruitment center is in Czech Republic. Our developers can easily come onsite to keep the culture in synch. Our unique model results in high productivity.


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