RPA Consulting

RPA Business Cases (Scenarios)

Out of our experience, every organization is facing at least one of the following scenarios:

  • scale down: Market is forcing companies to save costs by raising efficiency
  • scale up: Need of skilled resources can‘t be covered by job market
  • transformation to New Work: Additional resources are needed for the transformation
  • quality up: Growing need for clean processes and data flows

RPA is one good method to take care of those scenarios – we can advise you, if the use of RPA leads to a positive business case for your individual challenges.

RPA Strategy and RPA Roadmap

The start of your automation journey depends on one decisive factor: the return on invest (ROI). A positive business case is the the necessary outcome of the initial analysis phase, in order to continue your automation journey. Given that, we develop for you a value stream oriented automation roadmap, aligned with your business and IT strategy.

In case of full scale automation solutions, we support our customers end-to-end: from project management to process analysis and definiton of RPA architecture until stakehoder management, communication and change management. Everything which is necessary to anchor automation as a strategic lever in your organization.