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BI Business Consulting


Our BI Business Consulting Services ranges from BI management consulting (BI Strategy, Roadmap, BI Business Case identification, BI Project Governance Model, Organisation, Processes, Platform Selection, Master Data Management, Data Governance etc.) to the more project specific BI consulting services (BI requirement specification, Project/Program Management, Testing, Training, go-live support etc.)

BI Strategy and BI Roadmap

We help clients establish a BI strategy/roadmap that supports the realization of business goals . A sound BI strategy protects your company from digital disruption and it ensures that your business is taken to the next level by maximizing the potential of BI and Advanced Analytics technologies

BI Organisation

Does your BI organization deliver Innovation, Projects and Application Management/Support in the right balance. Fairpeople can help you evaluate your current organisation (roles and responsibilities, people, processes and tools) and suggest organisational improvements to optimize and streamline your BI team.

BI Governance

Improve governance of your BI project portfolio, Master Data and Data Quality to optimize the value from your BI investments. Make sure that the BI project portfolio is aligned with business priorities. Secure “one version of the truth” and the availability of trustworthy and timely updated business insights.

Master Data Management

Manage your Master Data initiatives to optimize business benefits like reporting accuracy and stability of critical business processes. Establish efficient processes and tools for managing your master data lifecycle for master data creation and maintenance etc.

Data Quality Management

We help improve your data quality by use of automated data quality improvement tools or by using our nearshore team to manually correct data in cases where automatic improvement is not possible. Furthermore, we offer data enrichment services to enrich your data with data from external data sources


Is your data warehouse and BI solutions GDPR-compliant? Fairpeople can help you assess the impact from GDPR on your BI platform and solutions. We evaluate your current compliance level and suggest improvements to become fully GDPR-compliant.

BI Sourcing Models

We offer advisory on BI sourcing models to optimize BI development cost and secure a flexible and scalable BI resource pool for your BI projects.