Robotic Process Automation


What is Robotic Process Automation?

Digitization and automation are strategic leavers which can enable companies to gain competitive advantages by reducing operating costs and increasing throughput. That’s so far well known. Rising employee satisfaction by reducing stupid repetitive work, thus having more time for complex and creative tasks, is the less obvious advantage of automation.

On technical side, RPA enables the automation of processes within and across multiple applications without changing the application code. It follows the same logic as a human operator and can perform the same rule-driven tasks.

With our RPA consulting services, we accompany our clients on their automation journey: we define your tailormade automation strategy which is always ROI-driven.

One important item on the roadmap is the process exploration: we help you to identify potential for automation and lead you through the process of fact-based decision making with our criteria model.

RPA Consulting

RPA Projects

Based on our long experience with RPA, we can offer E2E delivery for all sizes of RPA projects.

In addition to our RPA consulting services, we offer hands-on support for the implementation of proof of concepts, pilot applications and the build up of full scale automation factories.

Our nearshore approach is the enabler for positive ROIs, even in the intitial phase of your RPA journey.

We provide experienced Senior Experts for all aspects of RPA: RPA Strategy Consultants, Business Analysts, Implementation Managers, Solution Architects, Infrastructure Engineers and RPA Developers.

All of our experts are among top 5% RPA Consultants and Developers in Europe.

Our nearshore approach comprises competitive rates in combination with developers located in Europe.

RPA Experts

RPA Platform

As certified partners of UI Path and Blue Prism, we are able to offer reliable technology in combination with fast and flexibel solutions. In order to achieve fast results, we can build up your RPA solutions on our systems. Building up all different sizes of automation platforms on your infrastructure is as well our daily business.