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BI Platform

Is your BI platform modern, secure, scalable, performing GDPR compliant and easy to maintain ? If in doubt, a BI Platform Health Check might be a good idea. We will diagnose the general platform architecture and components and deliver a report showing the “health condition” of your platform together with a prioritized list of recommended improvements.

BI Platform - Health Check

The BI platform is the foundation for all BI initiatives. It represents the possibilities and limitations for all of the company’s BI solutions. Fairpeople helps you in keeping your BI platform “fit for fight”. Our BI Platform Services include BI Platform Health Check, BI Platform Roadmap, BI Platform Modernization/Upgrade, Performance Optimization, BI Cloud Strategy, Migration from On Premise to Cloud as well as design of Hybrid Platforms combining On Premise BI Platform and Cloud BI Services.

BI Platform Roadmap

How do you make sure that your BI platform is up-to-date, cost-efficient and delivers the capabilities (Self Service BI, AI & Machine Learning,BI portal, Cloud BI Services etc.) needed for your BI solutions? We help clients identify the gaps between current BI platform and latest BI platform best practises and suggest a BI Platform Roadmap that are in sync with business needs.

BI Platform Modernisation / Upgrade

Do you need to upgrade your BI platform to a new version or completely change your platform technology? Fairpeople has dedicated and highly cost efficient teams that can help you do the job in a fast and cost-efficient way.

Data Warehouse Architecture Design

The Data Warehouse Architecture is affecting the development time, performance and capabilities of all BI solutions. We help our clients optimize the Data Warehouse Architecture to meet business requirements and optimize performance, scalability, security and maintainability.

Performance Optimization

Performance can become an issue over time, when the number of users and data volume increases. We offer our clients to do a performance diagnostic to identify bottlenecks in the BI platform, hardware, BI architecture or in the BI code for specific solutions. Based on the diagnostics, we suggest a performance improvement plan and help our clients implement the plan to increase performance.

BI Self- Service / Front End Tool Selection

Do you need to choose a new BI Front End / Self-Service tool? Will Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, SAP BO or something else be the best for you? Fairpeople has a standardized process, templates and demos to help you choose the right tool.