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We create value in the intersection of Business Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Strategy.

We offer local Danish Senior consultants and project managers combined with top 5% specialists from across Europe. Our Consultants in Denmark have managed teams in global companies and have helped leading organizations with:

  • Business Case Identification (potential for BI & Analytics)
  • Project Execution
  • Strategy/Roadmap
  • Organization, processes and team-development
  • General advisory to managers to optimize stakeholder satisfaction

FairPeople sets the best team for your business

Our unique delivery model which combines local senior consultants with top European talent in BI & analytics has attracted some of the biggest and most successful companies in Denmark to become our clients.

We are helping our clients with BI and Advanced Analytics strategy/roadmap/organization as well as execution of the roadmap through

   Business consulting
   Project and team delivery
   Support, maintenance & platform optimization.

Since getting the right talent is a key to success, we have a dedicated recruitment office working only with identifying top BI & Analytics talents from Europe.

We are in constant dialogue with more than 1000 top professionals who is ready to work for us when the opportunity is there.

Our Products

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Products that we work with

From Microsoft and SAP to Tableau and QlikView. FairPeople delivers from all the major BI platforms. See more under technologies.


Advanced Analytics

By enabling better decisions and smarter actions, the right analytical capabilities are empowering decision makers to systematically and sustainably drive growth in an increasingly digitized competitive landscape.



FairPeople delivers projects and people within all major BI and Advanced Analytics platforms.


Business Intelligence

Having the right BI strategy and the best BI teams is all about making better decisions to grow your business.