Technical Services

Vulnerability Scan

A vulnerability scan will detect any configuration issues or other vulnerabilities in your network, applications, firmware, cloud services, infrastructure, radio communication and IoT smart devices.

Based on the results, we suggest and action plan to mitigate the issues and we can also assist you in implementing the needed improvements.

Penetration Test

Complete security assessment and penetration testing by our subject matter experts and white hackers to reveal any possible security flaws that might lead to a security breach of your systems, devices or networks. The security assessments and penetration testing can target one or more of the following categories:

  • Cloud Services
  • Web Applications
  • Mobile Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Internal and External Infrastructures
  • Embedded device vulnerabilities
  • Firmware, software, and applications vulnerabilities
  • Radio communications vulnerabilities
  • IoT and Smart devices

Application Security Test

The objective of the assessment is to identify vulnerabilities in the application and use manual testing techniques to verify their impact.

We follow a highly structured methodology to ensure a thorough test of the application and its environment. Our methodology uses a phased approach, consisting of information gathering, security assessment, exploitation, and reporting.

Cloud Security Test

The Cloud Security Assessment provides actionable insights into security misconfigurations and deviations from recommended cloud security architecture to help clients prevent, detect, and recover from breaches. Innovation and reliance on the cloud brings with it risks and security challenges.

Our assessments give a practical, proven, and reliable way to measure your cloud risk against leading security industry standards. We will provide you a clear picture of what cloud-based risks you carry and how to reduce them systematically.

Digital Forensics and Investigations

Professional investigation of security breaches to assist your organization in combating simple and complex intrusions or to find the traces of hackers inside your assets.

Dark Web Cyber Intelligence

Discover, prevent or limit the damage of cyberattacks and investigate
if your data is shared on the Dark Web. The Dark Web is an unindexed
and anonymous part of the Internet where hackers trade company data
gathered from security breaches.