Analytics Strategy

We work with our clients to start their journey towards best in class analytical capabilities and remain continuously at their disposal to help shape processes and adopt change. Our senior experts with background in top tier consulting, analytics and IT firms create a roadmap of objectives and offer operation advice on how to start building an analytics driven organization.

Expert Support

We offer an inhouse team of highly skilled experts as well a Europe-wide, elite network of specialists to meet the specific need of our clients. We embed our experts into our client’s core analytics team where they add value across a range of functions.

Solution Delivery

We deliver end-to-end projects in line with the strategic objectives identified and with minimal implication from our client’s resources. With no investment required in external data or any technology, we typically deliver a prototype within weeks to prove the value of advanced analytics. Scaling up the solution is also managed by our team entirely an tailored to the need of our clients.

Change Management

Once a project is delivered (e.g. price optimization) we also create processes to help our client embed the solution to gain long term benefits. Our seasoned experts work closely the management and operations teams of our clients to ensure the processes are implemented and followed.