BI Projects

We offer full delivery of BI projects of all sizes. Our BI Project Delivery services include Business Case development, Requirement Specification, Team Organisation, Program/Project Management , Stakeholder Management, Development, Testing and Go-Live support. We prefer to use agile development methodologies to optimize business value generation and to secure frequent alignment with business needs and priorities.

BI Project / Program Management

Let our experienced BI Project/Program managers lead your project to success. Our BI Project/Program managers knows the typical pitfalls and challenges in BI projects and can orchestrate and balance all activities in a BI project to optimize resource usage and business value generation. We prefer an agile (SCRUM) approach, but can adopt to any project development model desired by the client.

BI Business Case Development

What are the potential BI projects that can provide the greatest value to your business? We are assisting our clients in identifying the best BI and Advanced Analytics business cases for your specific industry – based on most successful projects from similar companies and based on current business priorities and strategic focus areas.

BI Project Charters

Do you need to present a new BI project proposal for approval? Let us help you develop the Project Charter, typically consisting of business case & business benefits description, project plan, project organisation and estimated cost/effort.