Android Automotive

Core Capabilities

  • Android Automotive
  • HMI Development
  • Service Development
  • Platform Development
  • Cloud Backend
  • Companion App
  • Continuous Integration
  • Test-Automation
  • Scaled Agile
  • Third-Party-Integration

The expectation of the customers for a networked infotainment system today is clearly the possibility to use their familiar digital service ecosystem in the vehicle. With Android Automotive you can do this as easily as never before.

We individualize the HMI, which can be fully customized, and integrate differentiating services. Furthermore, the open architecture allows the integration of own software components, in addition to those provided by Google. We develop an open, networked infotainment system for you in a cooperative partnership and also offer you the integration of Google Automotive Services (GAS) as well as the development of a backend and the Companion App.

We interlink agile development with the classic automotive processes. Internally, we rely on a 100% scaled, agile product development with CI/CD pipeline for regular releases. Of course, we also take into account the classic integration processes to fully meet the functional requirements. With our proven hybrid model, we manage the balancing act between classic vehicle development and modern, agile SW development.