Customer Insights

  • Who are my key value customers vs the high risk customers?
  • How do I minimize customer churn and laps?
  • How do I improve cross- and up-sell?

We offer industry tested solutions to create a 360 view of customers and provide marketing and sales team with key insights for influencing their behavior.

Revenue Growth

  • What is the right price for a given customer at a given time?
  • Which promotion tactics and driving the most ROI?
  • What is the optimal portfolio of products to offer?

Our solutions help category, pricing and promotion teams improve revenue growth by supplying actionable insight for optimat category and product management.

Marketing Effectiveness

  • How to increase onboarding of new customers?
  • What is the ROI of different marketing channels?
  • How to create online product recommendations?

Marketing teams benefit from our solution by receiving data driven guidance to improve conversions, optimize spend and personalize offers.

Internal Processes

  • How do I identify and prevent fraudulent behaviour?
  • What is the best way to organize my logistics?
  • How to prevent downtime?

We apply scientifically proven approaches on both structured and unstructured data to help supply chain managers, fraud officers and maintenance teams make better decisions about where to focus efforts.