Consulting Services

Security Assessment and Roadmapping

We help you establish an overview of security threats and vulnerabilities in you IT landscape.

Based on this overview, we propose a security roadmap to improve you cyber security most effectively while balancing cost and risk.

Our experts can help you implement the roadmap – in close cooperation with relevant people in your organization.

Risk Management

Security Awareness Training

Security rules and policies do not implement themselves.

We provide training of all levels in the organization to improve security awareness for employees and security management.

If you already have effective security rules/policies in place, we help increase the awareness of these. If your security rules/policies need an update, we can assist you on this.

Disaster Recovery Plan & Test

It can be very costly and time consuming to recover from a security attack if there is no disaster recovery plan – or if the plan has not been updated for a long time or tested in real life.

We help you establish a step-by-step disaster recovery plan to follow in times of crisis –to re-establish business operations as fast as possible.

To make sure the disaster recovery plan works as intended, we will do a test-run together with you and adjust the plan if needed.

Security certification

Clients who aims for security certification or prepare for complying with specific security rules and policies can take advantage of our vast experience with audits and certifications.

Typically, the project starts with identification of deviations from the standard followed by actions to remove deviations and become compliant.

Then we prepare the documentation to initiate an audit for the desired security certification. During the audit we provide information to audit-staff and assist with any actions needed to achieve the certificate.