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Advanced Analytics


Why Advanced Analytics

The rise of Big Data, Machine Learning and the promise of Artificial Intelligence is changing the way leading organizations are shaping their strategy and making everyday decisions. Advanced Analytics, a collective term for all technological capabilities which seek to transform data into competitive value is quickly becoming standard across industries. By enabling better decisions and smarter actions, the right analytical capabilities are empowering decision makers to systematically and sustainably drive growth in an increasingly digitized competitive landscape.



Inhouse team of
highly skilled experts

We work with our clients to start their journey towards best in class analytical capabilities and remain continuously at their disposal to help shape processes and adopt change. Our senior experts with background in top tier consulting, analytics and IT firms create a roadmap of objectives and offer operation advice on how to start building an analytics driven organization.

Analytics Strategy

Receive guidance on industry best practices for building best-in-class analytics strategy for data driven organizations

Solution Delivery

Commision full projects delivered and managed by our dedicated team of experts

Expert Support

Hire elite data scientists and analytics professionals with years of hands-on experience to complement your existing team

Change Management

Receive close support throughout the lifecycle of the project to integrate the benefits into your existing processes



Industry tested solutions

We offer the right analytical solution based on the exact needs in each business function. In the commercial areas for example, customer segmentation is the most common starting point. Optimising prices, promotion tactics and the portfolio are also classic use cases for data-driven methods. 

The right analytics can also improve internal functions by reveling best course of action for inventory management and workforce planning, for example.

Customer Insights

Behavioural Segmentation
Churn & Lapse Prediction
Demand Forecasting

Marketing Effectiveness

Lead Scoring
Marketing Mix Modeling
Recommender Systems

Revenue Growth

Pricing & Discount Optimization
Assortment Optimization
Promotion Optimization

Internal Processes

Fraud Detection & Prediction
Supply Chain Optimization
Predictive Maintenance



Predictive Analytics

We apply the latest algorithms on our client’s data to forecast values and predict events. These predictions are the basis of optimizing decisions and automating the decision making process.

Artificial Intelligence

It is the ability of a computer to perform complex cognitive functions which resemble human thought patterns

Deep Learning

Most recent form of Machine Learning capable of processing more complex data sources with superior results using artificial neural networks

Machine Learning

Set of algorithms which detect and “learn” patterns and associations large historic datasets based on which they make predictions and recommendations

Big Data

The collection of technologies and approaches used to structure, process and interpret unconventional amount of data in terms of volume, variety and velocity


Main Industries

AI creates value across sectors

Advanced data analytics is proving to be a valuable source of growth in many industries. We offer deep expertise in Retail, Consumers Goods and Business to Business.


Maximize customer lifetime value, optimize your omnichannel strategies and streamline operations

Business to Business

Offer the best deals and prices to your customers, prevent churn and optimize your portfolio

Consumer Goods

Optimize your category management, improve your
marketing ROI and develop best in class e-commerce tactics